Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well, I guess they changed their minds...

As I'm sure you have noticed, we haven't really been keeping this project updated. From the outset, the MESIC project was meant to be something of a "pre-emptive" effort to keep Intelligent Design (ID) out of our public schools. As noted in detail in previous posts, a couple of Colorado legislators were expressing an interest in promoting pro-ID legislation in Colorado and our project sought to head this off. Perhaps we succeeded? Regardless, in the wake of the Pennsylvania ruling that properly identified "Intelligent Design" as a front for Biblical Creationism, the evangelical ID advocates have lost a lot of steam. Similarly, the Colorado politicians previously arguing for pro-ID legislation have gone quiet. We have sent repeated inquiries to their offices and staff for comment and they have refused to say anything. With Colorado Republicans hoping to win back the legislature this November, it can come as no surprise that they have completely dropped this idiotic topic.

In that the existing status quo (U.S. federal law and the Establishment Clause) does keep Creationism out of our public schools, any initiative - like MESIC - seeking to defend this is restricted to reaction and response. In that the pro-ID elements in Colorado have dropped the topic for the time being, there isn't really much for projects like ours to do do presently. Undoubtedly the project - including MESIC & this blog - will hop back into the fray should the Creationists launch a new initiative in Colorado, but in the meantime there isn't really much to do.

For the record, we are keeping the petition updated and active (so please feel free to sign). Otherwise though, until the ID Creationists launch a new effort in Colorado, this project will remain largely dormant.